Estate Expenses

Personal Representatives and Required Retrofitting for House Sales

Personal Representatives need to be aware the City of Los Angeles and all other cities in L.A. County require certain retro-fits to be completed before one’s single family house (and housing of 1-4 units ) can be sold.

Escrow will not complete your sale –
• Until the required retro-fits are accomplished.
• Inspections performed
• Compulsory fees paid to the cities.

Below is a partial list of required retro-fits.
• Various cities including Los Angeles have many more additional requirements.
Retro-fits are paid for by the seller, which are significant costs.

Other expenses paid by sellers:
• Termite inspection/repair of termite damage (required by buyer’s lender).
• Buyers home warranty.
• Contributions to buyer’s costs.

Selling to Probate Solutions LA:

• You will not incur these required expenses nor the time and effort needed to complete these required retro-fits.
• We will purchase the house “As-Is” and complete the obligatory improvements at our expense.


• PRs save valuable time, effort and money.
• Avoid legal entanglements.
• No negotiating with 3rd parties for improvements
• Peace of mind knowing the sale is handled correctly.


Required Retro-fits to sell a single-family house in Los Angeles*

✓ Water Heaters

Double strapped with bracing and anchoring.

✓ High Efficiency Toilets

1.28 GPF or less.
Pre-existing 1.6 GPF toilets are considered to be in compliance at time of sale.

✓ Low-Flow Shower Heads

2.5 GPM.

✓ Gas Shut-off Valve (SGSOV)

Seismic earthquake shut-off valves required on natural gas lines.
Requires permit from City of Los Angeles Dept. of Building and Safety,
Inspection required.

✓ Smoke Detectors

Electric or battery operated (single-family house only).
Located in all bedrooms, hallways and at least one on each floor level.

✓ CO Detectors

CO-Carbon Monoxide
Must be installed outside each separate sleeping area and on each level of a home,
Including basements

✓ DWP Certificate of Compliance

✓ Impact Hazard Safety Glazing

External sliding doors must be tempered glass or “impact hazard glass” with a safety film that is approved by the City of Los Angeles.
Sliding part of door only.
Only for sliders that are not tempered glass.

*these requirements are not necessary when selling to Probate Solutions LA. We remove the burden of completing them, so you don’t have to.